We promote partnership, with focus on solidary value chains, for human, integral and endogenous development, of the territories where we work, so we contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of the farm and urban – periphery families.

Young people presence in managerial positions

202 young people leaders were animated to assume the responsibility of a managerial position in front of their community organizations during year 2015.

Leadership actions to promote socio - economical local development

Each year, the communities and its leadership management capacity progresses before GADS and other public and private entities, positioning their risk and roadways productive, commercial and touristic offers to be financed.

Management through competence development

To facilitate everybody’s Access to their capacities improvement, we promote two formation modalities, the Social and Solidary Economy School in Competence Management, as a continued process of various months of training, and the modality of the Modular Workshops, usually one day of theoretical – practical training about an interest theme.

In 2015, we supported the improvement of the capacities of almost 3,000 people, reaching equity in participation with 48% of adult and young women, and 52% of men participation.

Leadership and organizational management

1.532 women and men occupy management positions in organizations and communities with which Maquita Works in 2015, who manage with efficiency and transparency their initiatives and solidary undertakings.