Maquita Transversal Focus

Those are the ones which are always present in all our actions, that’s why, they cross all the levels, action lines areas and strategies. From these, we analyze reality, we lead and take the necessary actions to transform it, giving to the change that we are generating with the human groups we work with equity, quality and warmth.

The organization transversal focus are:

Spirituality, Social, Rights, Inter-generational, Intercultural, Environmental, Participation and social incidence equity.


We base our work on the experience of a liberating spirituality sustained and extended as a deep experience that connects a person from deep himself/herself with Importance, with Deity, with God.

For Maquita this Spirituality is a liberating force, a life dynamism, which impulse us to compromise, to passionate and happy fight in looking for innovative and alternative answers to promote LIFE.

Social Equity

This focus guide us to promote the elimination of economic, social, cultural, political and territorial inequality on every action we make, pointing to social equity in all its dimensions. To be able to do this, the practical necessities and strategic interests of women and men are identified and attended, as a simultaneous, systemic and integrating same process, but always respecting identities.

Rights equity

We consider this transversal focus as integrating all the rest, that have to be always present as our work background to promote its inclusion in all the society areas, with a gaze centered on people.

The objective of the social transformation that we want to reach is that all human beings have their rights guarantee and that they could live with dignity and in peace. In this process, Maquita is constituted as an organization which is focused on promotion of opportunity equity and rights for all.


We start from the recognition of inequities that exist among people generated by their age, as well as unfair power relationships of a person on others, which constitutes the central foundation that legalizes adult center in our society. This focus help us to see the existence of different generational groups and specific strategic needs, so during the working development strategy, we respect each age group’s necessities.


We consider cross - culturality as a dialogue relationship, from equal to equal, sustained among different cultures and cultural identities. That’s why, we facilitate strategies and promote significant actions oriented to prejudgment improvement, of racism, of inequities and asymmetries that exist among people, under respect, equity and justice conditions. In this sense, we generate common interaction spaces where visions, Cosmo visions and knowledge of different cultures are shared.


From our job, we contribute to the construction of a new human being – nature relationship, based on balance, harmony and use of natural and environmental resources rational use search, in order to preserve them for the new generations.

We contribute with analysis and valuation of the different ways people establish their relationships with nature, respecting knowledge and the use and conservation practices, as well as values and attitudes that build in their relation, adding cultural and new production technologies oriented to reach a sustainable productivity.

Of participation and social incidence

We promote all dimensions participation (citizenship, organizational, in the job), so it is effective through social incidence, as actresses / actors, if taking part on decisions taking of the different public instances.

Working with this vision, requires from us a deep personal agreement, which is combined with the transforming social and political praxis, through which, at the same time that we give answer to economic challenges, we build social and political subjects with the capacity to transform themselves and transform the environment with new life styles and social practices.