During more than 32 working years, Maquita has been determined to support farm families, with an integral offer centered in:

  • Sustaninable productivity development for the familiar income increase.
  • Friendly technology incorporation with the environment and innovation to increase the agricultural working efficiency.
  • Food security contribution through farming diversification.


Leadership and productive management

In 2015 we had a direct working coverage in 22.968,56 hectares in 11 provinces of Ecuador.

Capacity and Sustainable Agro – industrial Systems Technique Assistance

The agricultural techniques development during this year, 2.910 producers from the Coast, the Highlands and Amazonia have emphasized the reinforcement of the agricultural development with sustainability and protection of the ecosystem to improve productivity.

Technologic Transfer and bio supplies

Maquita motivated the creation and validity of technological packages from the Technology Transfer Center located in Buena Fe canton, Los Ríos province, to be transferred and implemented in the farms and lands of the families.

In 2015 the transfer of investigation achievements to 7 provinces was consolidated with favorable results in production.

Security and Food Sovereignty

Nowadays, there are pilot programs of kitchen gardens of 4.145 hectares sown with different products of the family food basket: rice, fruits, banana, vegetables among others which are contributing to the families diet for the healthy and varied nutrition; the excess products are sold in the local fairs.

Water for irrigation

The establishment of 203 systems of parcels watering and irrigation to improve the soil conditions in 701,5 hectares, as well as the capacitation of leaderships for an efficient administration, have been an important fact to establish sustainable water management models.