For more than three decades of work, Maquita has focused on supporting small producer families especially in:

  • Improvement a sustainable productivity to increase families’ incomes.
  • Incorporating environment-friendly technology and innovation to improve the efficiency of agricultural work.
  • Contributing to food security, through crop diversification.


Leadership and productive management

By 2015 we had a direct coverage of 22.968,56 ha in 11 provinces in Ecuador.

Training and technical assistance in sustainable agro-productive systems

2,910 producers nationwide benefited the development of agricultural techniques that emphasized in strengthening a sustainable agricultural development and the protection of the ecosystem improving productivity.

Technological transfer and biofertilizers

Maquita drives from the Technology Transfer Center, located in the district of Buena Fe, province of Los Rios, the creation and validation of technological packages to be implemented in small producer farms and plots. In 2015 technology transfer have been introduced in 7 provinces of Ecuador, all with good results in production processes.

Food Security and Sovereignty

Currently, there are pilot schemes for gardens in 4,145 ha dotted with necessary products such as: rice, plantain, fruits, vegetables, among other things, that contribute to the families’ healthy diet. Surpluses are sold at local fairs.

Water for irrigation

The installation of 203 irrigation systems to improve soil conditions of 701.5 hectares, as well as the training of the leaders for the efficient administration of the systems, have been key factors to establish a sustainable model of water management.