The Organization Cross Cutting Approaches are the following:

We live and practice a liberating spirituality that drives us to commitment, to passionate and joyous search for innovative and alternative responses to promote LIFE.

All the actions we implement are aimed at eliminating economic, social, gender, cultural, political and territorial gaps and inequalities, aiming at social equity in all its dimensions.

We work to guarantee rights and equal opportunities, so that human beings can live with dignity and social justice.

To reduce inequalities due to age, whether of exclusion or of power, we promote equity strategies for the different generational groups.

We promote the strengthening of a diverse society based on respect, equality, equity and justice for people and nationalities with their own culture and worldview.

We contribute to the construction of human-nature relationships, with adequate management of natural and environmental resources, in order to protect and preserve life of mother earth.

We promote the participation of women and men in the different instances to achieve the good living of their communities, with a leading role in decisions and actions that affect their own lives.

Fundación Maquita:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 0925 - (+593) 2 267 0926

Maquita Productos:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 4776

Maquita Turismo:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 3366

Maquita Agro

 Guayaquil - Av. Honorato Vásquez # 141 y Km. 26 vía Perimetral

(+593) 4 211 3613 - (+593) 2 211 3931

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