Cross Cutting Approaches

These are presented in all the areas, levels, strategies and actions of our work. From these, we analyze the reality, and take the necessary actions to improve, giving identity and quality for changes that we are generating within the groups of people with whom we work.

The Organization Cross Cutting Approaches are the following:

We base our work on the experience of a liberating spirituality, sustained and understood as a profound experience that connects the person, from their deep-self, with the Divinity, with God.

For Maquita this spirituality is a liberating strength, a dynamism of life which engage us to search innovative and alternative solutions to encourage life.

This approach guides us to focus all our actions in order to promote the elimination of economic, social, cultural, political and territorial inequalities, aiming a social equity in all its dimensions. To achieve this goal, we identify and address the principal needs and strategic interests of women and men, as one common action with a systemic and integrative process, respecting all the identities.

We consider this transversal approach as the unifying one, which must always be present as a background of our actions to drive its inclusion in society, always with a people-focused sight.

The objective of the social transformation that we want to achieve is that all human beings have their rights guaranteed and can live with dignity and in peace. Following this principle, Maquita is an organization promoting equal opportunities and rights for women and men.

We consider intercultural as a relationship based on exchange between people as equals, being the guiding line of the diverse cultures and identities. For this reason, we facilitate strategies and promote meaningful actions to overcome prejudices, racism, inequalities and existing asymmetries among peoples with respect, equality, equity and justice. In this way we create spaces of interaction where visions, worldviews and knowledge of all cultures are shared.

We acknowledge inequalities that exist between individuals of different ages, as well as the unfair relation of power among people, being the cornerstone that legitimizes adult-centrism in our society. From this statement, we demonstrate that each generational group have peculiar needs and interests so in our work we adapt our strategy to respect the needs and interests of every age group.

We contribute from our work to the construction of a new relationship between human beings and nature, based on the search of balance, harmony and the rational use of the natural and environmental resources, in order to preserve them for future generations.

We contribute with the analysis and evaluation of the different ways that populations establish their relationship with the nature, regarding their culture and their practices of the use and conservation of natural resources. In the respect of their values and attitudes towards nature, we add new production technology to reach sustainable productivity while preserving ancestral traditions.

We promote citizen participation in all its dimensions (citizenship, organizational, at work), so that it becomes effective. We encourage citizens to become actors of the changes and take part of the decision-making process in public spaces.

Working with this vision, requires from us a deep personal agreement, which is combined with the transforming social and political praxis, through which, at the same time that we give answer to economic challenges, we build social and political subjects with the capacity to transform themselves and transform the environment with new life styles and social practices.Working with this vision requires a deep personal commitment which is established to promote social and political changes, whereby, we bring solution to economic challenges and we give people the social and political tools to improve their lives with a new lifestyle and social practices.

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