Fair Trade

Community enterprises and Maquita social enterprises promote solidary commercial chains

Providing a market information service in the different value chains at national and international level.

Maquita Agro: Serving the Cocoa Families

We advise the commercial productive value chain of cocoa with various organizations and cocoa families, in order to generate sustainability and obtain a high quality product.

Maquita Productos: Quality with History

Coordinated work with peasant, agro-industrial and artisan organizations has meant the continuous improvement of processes to guarantee efficiency and safety of products in national and international markets, resulting in better prices that contribute to family income.

Maquita Turismo: A Turism with Purpose

We do community, solidary, responsible tourism, committed to the rights of nature, local culture and society in general.

It promotes and dynamizes a network of community tourism centers – CTCs throughout the country, where men and women from the communities have acquired capacities to provide quality services, satisfying the needs and expectations of the client, also guaranteeing the quality of life of the local population.

Fundación Maquita:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 0925 - (+593) 2 267 0926


Maquita Productos:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 4776


Maquita Turismo:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 3366


Maquita Agro

 Guayaquil - Av. Honorato Vásquez # 141 y Km. 26 vía Perimetral

(+593) 4 211 3613 - (+593) 2 211 3931


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