We promote partnership, with focus on solidary value chains, for human, integral and endogenous development, of the territories where we work, so we contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of the farm and urban – periphery families.

Presence of young people in management positions

202 young leaders were encouraged to assume the responsibility of a management position at the head of their community organizations during 2015

Leadership actions to promote local socio-economic development

Every year,  the management capacities of the communities improve and their leaders before the GADS and other public and private entities, positioning their productive, commercial, tourist, irrigation and road proposals to be financed.

Development in management by competencies

In order to facilitate the access of all to the improvement of their capacities, we promote two training modalities, that of the School of Social and Solidarity Economy in Management by Competences, as a continuous process of several months of training, and the modality of Modular Workshops, usually one day of theoretical-practical training on a topic of interest.

In 2015, we managed to support almost 3,000 people in improving their capacities, practically achieving equity in participation, with 48% of women, between adults and young people, and 52% of participation by men.

Organizational leadership and management

In 2015, 1,532 women and men hold leadership positions in the organizations and communities Maquita works with. They manage their solidarity initiatives and ventures with efficiency and transparency.

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