“Socio-productive and commercial development with gender equality in 4 rural parishes in Esmeraldas (phase II)“

“Change of productive-commercial matrix with gender equality in Palenque and Buena Fe, Ecuador

“Living Territories, and women’s empowerment, in the Andes of Isinliví and Chugchilán

“Sustainable and Endogenous Territorial Development Processes, from the Practice of the Feminist, Social and Solidarity Economy, in the Ecuadorian Sierra Centro. Phase II

“Empowerment of Naporuna women and sustainable management for local development in Napo, Ecuador. Phase II

“Ecological production, fair trade and responsible consumption, Ecuador, code 18-CO1-0928 

“Promotion of fair and solidarity trade relations between 14 organizations of agro-ecological producers in Ecuador and consumers, under the principles of agroecology, fair trade and responsible consumption.

“Reciprocal Agroecological Systems and Sovereign Food Systems linked by Fair Trade, weave the Social Feminist and Solidarity Economy in three provinces of Ecuador

Demostrative Territory Cangahua

“Strengthening of Boliviar’s CSOs for public advocacy, the exercise of their citizenship in democracy, the enforceability of rights and access to equal opportunities, in the framework of progress in achieving the SDGs

“Strengthening of the Cocoa Solidarity Corridor on the South Coast of Ecuador with Organizations and Peasant Networks in the Guayas and El Oro provinces

“Agroecological restoration and local socioeconomic development, with gender equality, in the Family Farming of 3 cantons of the Los Ríos Province (Ecuador)

“Integral economic, social and rural development in indigenous communities in the province of Napo

“Agroecological Restoration and Environmental Governance from the strengthening of Peasant Family Agriculture and Fair Trade, with a gender focus

“Agroforestry systems and community eco-tourism in the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, in the Amazonian province of Napo, Ecuador“ PHASE II

“We weave Fair Trade and Social and Solidarity Economy in Manabí”

“Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Containers Linked by Fair Trade, in Chimborazo, Ecuador”

“Local human development and DESCA in the Kichwa Pucará commune, Ecuador, for the empowerment and positioning of women

“Socio-economic empowerment of rural women in Cotopaxi (Ecuador), through the strengthening of their associative enterprises for the production of organic panela” in Kichwa Pucará, Ecuador, for the empowerment and positioning of women

“Empowered Afro-Ecuadorian women promote processes of social, economic, productive and community development in the Timbiré parish, Esmeraldas province.

“An alternative to sustainable rural development: Innovation in systems
of agroecological, commercial and associative production of the cane growers producers of organic panela, under the principles of Social and Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade, in the cantons of Sigchos and Pangua, Cotopaxi – Ecuador

“Empowerment of Kichwa women for the sustainable management of local socio-economic development and biodiversity in the Napo province, Ecuador ECU74824.

“Promotion and exercise of the economic, political, social and cultural rights of 80 producers (83% women), through the strengthening of value-added generation ventures, which boost the local economy of the Echenadia and Chillanes cantons, in the province Bolívar – Ecuador

“Improve the socio-economic conditions of 763 Ecuadorian producers by applying an innovative tool (Social Footprint) to promote a new model of sustainable development

“Promotion and exercise of the economic and participation rights of rural entrepreneurial women, Piñas canton, in the province of El Oro”

EC220 Cotopaxi

EC120 San Miguel de Brasil

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