1. We live a liberating ecumenical faith, which stimulates a practice of solidarity, commitment and mysticism with the most vulnerable people, in the way of Jesus of Nazareth.

2. We practice transparency and honesty, with austerity and simplicity.

3. We consider the family as a pillar of community organization.

4. We seek women empowerment and their leading positioning within their families and in society.

5. We support the active participation of young people, taking into account their identity and work proposals.

6. We promote gender, ethnic-cultural, inter-generational, territorial, environmental and socio-economical equity.


7. We practice active non-violence and encourage dialogue between different actors.

8. We influence at political, social and economic level, on a non-political basis.

9. We work on a network basis, with the active participation of people and organizations.

10. We value cultural identities and the ancestral knowledge of communities.

11. We respect the rights of the Mother Nature and protect the environment.

12. We practice equity and solidarity in the production, transformation, marketing and responsible consumption of healthy products.

Fundación Maquita:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 0925 - (+593) 2 267 0926

Maquita Productos:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 4776

Maquita Turismo:

Quito - Av.Rumichacha S26-365 y Moro Moro

(+593) 2 267 3366

Maquita Agro

 Guayaquil - Av. Honorato Vásquez # 141 y Km. 26 vía Perimetral

(+593) 4 211 3613 - (+593) 2 211 3931

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